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Staffordshire food

Just Oil

Oils, Dressings & Mayonnaise

We are thrilled to include a range of products from this multi award winning producer of Rape Seed Oil which is light, nutty and ideal for a great variety of recipes. This fine culinary oil is grown, harvested, cold pressed, filtered and bottled at source on the Froggatt family farm.

Just Oil is produced by the Froggatt Family on their farm in Hill Ridware in the heart of Staffordshire. Anthony Froggatt and his family are the fourth generation to farm at Wade Lane Farm. Anthony hopes that future generations will continue to farm at Wade Lane Farm so he is determined to continue to farm in a sustainable manner, to provide safe and affordable food, and care for the environment as his forebears have done for the last 80 years.

Great Taste Award
Heff Diamoand Award
Just Oil
Anthony Froggatt on his farm in
Hill Ridware

About the Oils

The versatility of rapeseed oil lead naturally into the development of a number of products from Mayonnaise with Lemon Zest and Hollandaise Sauce to a wide range of oils for cooking, marinades and dressings.

Cold Pressed rapeseed oil has just 6% saturated fat content. In contrast most olive oils have 14% and sunflower oil has 10%. In terms of unsaturated fats, rapeseed oil has 59% mono-unsaturated fat and 30% poly unsaturated fat. Nutritionalists suggest 2:1 Omega 6 to 3 ratio in the diet. Extra Virgin rapeseed oil has this ratio.

Mono-unsaturated fats, Omega 3, 6, 9, and Vitamin E antioxidants are all known to help lower cholesterol. Extra Virgin rapeseed oil has all of the above. Cold Pressed Extra Virgin rapeseed oil is locally grown, giving fully traceable, sustainable and non GM culinary oil.
All of the above give you possibly the healthiest and most versatile cooking oil you can buy.

Just Oil
The Just Oil range of oils
and dressings
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Just Oil Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil With Honey, Mustard & Chilli Dressing
Just Oil Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil With Honey, Mustard & Chilli Dressing
The smooth, nutty flavour of this triple filtered oil combines with the spices to give an outstanding aromatic salad dressing.
Great Taste Gold 2008
Just Oil Mayonnaise
Just Oil Mayonnaise With Lemon Zest
The smooth, nutty flavour of this highly filtered oil combined with British free range egg yolks and lemon zest for a classic accompaniment.
Great Taste Gold 2009
The Staffordshire
The Staffordshire Hoard

A delicious selection of preserves and chutneys, cakes, biscuits, confectionary and traditionally brewed drinks from Staffordshire.

Great Taste Award Winner
A great mix of old favourites and new tastes from Staffordshire.

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